The Shire of Dragonís Vale Proudly Presents 

Day of the Dragon XIII

"The fire is still burning after all"

Invites you to Join us FOR our 3rd

"Tournament of Rapier East"


Rapier only tourney

And our 2nd - "Who Let the Dogs Out" Coursing Event

Do you have a Hound that you love and would like to take to events ?

 Ever wondered if it would chase a lure and course ?

Why not bring your hound to DOD and find out ?!

All Hounds are welcome to come out and try and socialize in our camp.

Please bring your Vaccinations paperwork from your Vet .

All hounds must be cleaned up after, leashed & supervised at all times.

Hope to see you there !

Lady Giuliana Lucia Solari- Houndmistress, Middle Kingdom

September 21. 2013

Cromwell Community Center

353 Baker Street

 Cromwell, IN 46732

Rapier MIC: Lord Mael Duin mac Gilla Ennae, CCK (Michael Malaney) at (260) 418 2653

9am:  Inspections & Authorizations' ... Setup and "Meet and Greet" for Coursers

10am:  Round-Robin tourney  or when the MIC says so!

Noonish:  Lunch, Coursing cleanup and setup for Archery

2pm:  or after the dogs and Mistress are cleaned up

After Tourney:  List open for practice

Sorry - There will be NO Heavy Fighting, BUT will have Archery after the Coursing!

Seneschal's Notes:

The group would love to have you show off your A&S projects without pressure, and some of us will be

displaying some of our A&S goodies while the event is going on in the main room.

We invite you to do the same and show (if you can) what you are working on!!!

It has been a great event in the past just to come and relax, have a day of peace with friends and watch the combatants.

Remember to bring a shelter for the September Fickle Weather and Sun!!


Site will open at 9:00 am till the feast is over,

all is cleaned up,and lights go out, and doors locked 


Event Steward: Sarre Anne Pierrepont (Sarah Beigh) at (574) 688-0054

306 North Indiana Street, Pierceton, IN 46562


Site fees; $8 a member   $4 for children over 5   Under 5 free

$20 a family (2 adult members & 2 children over 5)    $5 Non-member fees apply

Feast is $10 and worth every penny!

Merchant space is free, there will be some indoor space but it is a first come, first serve. 

There is plenty of outside space for merchants so bring your shelter.


We are HAVING a HUGE FEAST this year, and a great lunch tavern..

Save your appetite, eat at both

Hope to see you at the event